50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess
A Common Story of a Lady’s…
Amina of the Lamp
Anyone can become a villainess
A Stepmother’s Märchen
A poisonous Lily
A queen’s law of survival
A red knight does not blindy …
Asmodian contract
As you wish Prince
A Symbiotic Relationship …
A Tender Heart
A Witch’s Hopeless Wish
Beast with flowers
Beware of the brothers
Beware of the villainess
Carrier Falcon Princess
Charlotte has five disciples
Cursed princess club
Death is the only ending for…
Diable n°4
Eminence grise female lead is…
Everything was a Mistake
Father I don’t want to get married
Freaking romance
The way that knight lives as a lady 
I Am The Real One
I became the villain’s mother
I Became the Wife of the…
I Belong to House Castielo
It looks like I’ve fallen into the…
I gave birth to a murderer’s child
I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life
I’ll just live on as a villainess
I don’t want to be Empress!
I’m in trouble because my…
I Became the Hero’s Mom
I raised my chilhood friend as…
I raised the beast well
I’ve become the villainous emperor
I Will Change The Genre
Doctor Elise
L’impératrice remariée
Lady baby
Lady to queen
Like wind on a dry branch
Mage & demon queen
Mage & demon queen saison 1
Mage & demon queen saison 2
Men of the harem
Midnight Poppy Land
My dear cold-blooded king: S1
My lord the wolf queen
My Secretly Hot Husband
My Sister picked up the male lead
Ombres et lumières
Purple Hyacinth
Princess in the rough
Revenge wedding
Satan’s Bride
Seduce the Villain’s Father
Shadow queen
Sica Wolf
Siren’s lament saison 1
Siren's lament
Siren’s lament saison 2
Subzero saison 1
Subzero Saison 2
Subzero saison 2
The abandoned empress
The duchess with an empty soul
The Flowers Dance and the…
The God of High School
The golden haired elementalist
The justice of a villainous woman
The lady and the beast
The lady wants to rest
The Library Needs a Witch
The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted…
The Reason Why Raeliana …
The precious sister of the villain…
The princess imprints a traitor
The sacrificial princess
The song of Theodore
The thorn that pierces me
I tamed a tyrant and ran away
The tyrant’s guardian is an evil…
The tyrant’s only perfumer
The villain discovered my identity
The villainess is a marionette
The Villainess Lives Twice
The villainess reverses the…
The Way to Protect the Female…
The witch and the bull
Traditions d’Olympus
Under the Oak Tree
Untouchable Lady
Virtues of the villainess
Wendy la fleuriste
Wendy la fleuriste
What It Means to Be You
When the Villainess Loves
White blood
Who made me a princess
Why are you doing this Duke
Yeon Lok Heun